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Below is a parent user guide to help you get started!

Please use the links for registration and account creation.

**READ BELOW** This is very important for initial setup of your family account

Once you have created your account and at least one child account, navigate to your dashboard (see below) and add all other family members - other parent(s), other children, grandparents, etc (you will need the email address for additional adults. *If parents/other family members create separate family accounts with children accounts, these accounts cannot be merged together*

We are asking that one parent create the initial account and add all other family members. The additional adults in the family account will have their own log in, they will receive an email once added to create a password and finish entering info for their account.

Once logged in, select the Dashboard button next to your name

From the dashboard, you can select My family Account

  1. How to login? Visit: https://iscsoccer.leagueapps.com/login
  2. How to create an account? You will be prompted to create an account during the registration process, however you can also visit this webpage (https://iscsoccer.leagueapps.com/signup) to create an account. This only allows you to create an adult or parent account.
  3. How to maneuver around your dashboard To visit your dashboard, click here (https://iscsoccer.leagueapps.com/dashboard)
  4. How to add additional members to your family account:
    1. To add additional members to your family account (ie. additional parents, children, grandparents, guardians, etc.) visit My Family Account on your sidebar or click here (https://iscsoccer.leagueapps.com/groupAccountDashboard)
  5. How to view your invoices:
    1. To view your invoices, click here (https://iscsoccer.leagueapps.com/invoices) or select Invoices on your dashboard sidebar.