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Irondequoit Challenge Travel Soccer Tournament

FIFA: FIFA Laws will govern this event with the addition of the following tournament rules.

Exceptions as directed by RDYSL:

  1. A goal kick for U9-U10 will require the opponents to retreat to their own half of field until the ball is in play. The ball is in play when it is kicked directly out of the penalty area. The attacking team does not have to wait for the opponent’s defenders to retreat and has the option to restart the game before should they choose.
  2. No goalie punts for U9-U10 games will be allowed. The goalie must distribute the ball to a player in the defensive half of the field. A violation will result in an indirect free kick from the top of the penalty box nearest the foul.
  3. There will be no heading allowed for U9-U11. A violation will result in an indirect free kick from the point of the heading.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: A player may only appear on one approved tournament roster.

Team Roster and Medical Authorizations must be submitted to the registration committee prior to the first game. All players’ passes must match the roster. Each team is allowed up to 5 guest travel league players, each of which must have valid player pass present.  All teams must be registered with their respective state or national associations. Any team found to have an ineligible player will be disqualified from the tournament with all games considered forfeited. Players must not be older than division age group they are playing in.


  1. Field players on the same team must have the same color and style of jerseys. Keepers must have a different color jersey from their team and the opponent jersey color. If the home team jersey color conflicts with the opponent jersey color, the home team must change.
  2. Jersey numbers must be unique and must match the game roster.
  3. Shin guards are required to be worn by all players.
  4. Only soft-cleats (non-metal) are allowed.
  5. No jewelry may be worn.
  6. Players may not wear any item of equipment that may be dangerous to themselves or others. The referee has the final decision.



  • Teams are on opposite sides of the pitch, with home time choosing the side. Each team and its fans must occupy the same side of the field when space allows. At the stadium turf fields (I.H.S., McAvoy, Eastridge), teams sit on far side of field, with parents in stands on opposite side in bleachers, on same half of field as their team (directly across from their team).
  • Parents/spectators ejected from the tournament for inappropriate behavior will not be allowed to return.
  • No dogs allowed on any tournament grounds.

GAME LENGTH:   Under 9 thru 12:    50 minutes (25 minute halves)
                           Under 13 thru 19:  60 minutes (30 minute halves)    

BALL SIZES:       Under 9 thru 12:    Size #4
                           Under 13 thru 19:  Size #5


The number of players on the field includes the keeper. The minimum number of players is required to start and continue a game. A team that drops below the minimum number of players during the game due to injury documented on the game report will forfeit the game.

Age Group        Number of Players on Field          Minimum Number of Players

U9-U10                         7                                                5

U11-U12                       9                                                6

U13-U19                       11                                              7

A minimum of seven players constitutes a team. A grace period will be extended to 10 minutes beyond scheduled kickoff time or to the completion of the preceding game, whichever is later, before a forfeit will be declared. Failure to complete a match or a team leaving the field during play will result in forfeiture. No team that has forfeited a game will be declared a wild card or group winner. The team winning by forfeiture will be awarded 3 points for the win. The score for the forfeited game will be posted as 3-0.

A player given a red card or coach who is ejected during the tournament will be suspended for one game. However, if the red card or ejection is a fighting offense, the player or coach will be suspended for the balance of the tournament. The player or coach’s pass is to be turned into tournament headquarters. In accordance with New York State West Tournament Red Card Procedure, any player who receives a red card and does not serve out the resulting one game suspension during the tournament, will have his player pass turned over to the NYSWYSA Rochester District Commissioner immediately following the conclusion of the tournament. The player or his coach will have to contact the commissioner to arrange the retrieval of the player pass after the required suspension has been served. The pass of suspended players or coaches not affiliated with NYSWYSA will be sent to the NYSWYSA state office to be forwarded to the appropriate parent soccer organization.

Any player or coach who receives two yellow cards in one game will be suspended for one full game. Red card rules will apply in this situation.

Protests must be made prior to the referee leaving the field. A written protest must be submitted to Tournament Headquarters within thirty minutes of the completion of the match with a $50 check made payable to ISC. Judgment calls cannot be protested.
SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitutions shall be allowed with the referee permission under the following circumstances:
1. Prior to throw-in in your favor
2. Prior to goal kick
3. After a goal
4. During halftime
5. Injury to a player, with referee approval

Total points will determine championship play positioning. Points are awarded on a per game basis:
        Points      Cause
        4              Shut Out (0-0 tie does not qualifies as a shut out)
        3              Win
        1              Tie
        0              Loss
      - 1              Red Card (For each occurrence)
      - 3              Forfeit: Score will be posted as 3-0, winning team earning total 3 points
                                     (A forfeit does not qualifies as a shut out)

Scores for U9 and U10 will not be posted.

Game scores are official when submitted to the Field Marshall, unless the game is under official protest as noted on game card. When teams (in 4 and 6 team division), have completed 3 games the 2 top teams determined by the total points earned, will face each other in the Championship Game. In a 5-team division, total points earned will determine champions. If 2 teams are tied, the following tiebreaker system will be utilized:
   1. Head-to-head results (If 3 teams are tied begin with #2)
   2. Most Wins
   3. Goals differential, (goals for, minus goals against with a maximum of 3 per game)
   4. Fewest goals allowed
   5. Goals scored (maximum 3 per game)
   6. FIFA penalty kicks

If the Championship Game ends in a tie, the game will be decided by FIFA penalty kicks.

If a game is suspended due to weather problems, field conditions, or other situations beyond the Tournament's control, after completion of the first half, that game shall be considered complete and official. If a game is temporarily suspended, for any reason described in the NYSWYSA Zero Tolerance Policy, before completion of the first half, each team involved must check with the tournament headquarters for instructions. Teams are not allowed to remain/practice on the pitch during weather delays.

Teams must have their passes available at each game. Please note Red and/or Yellow Card procedures for players and/or coaches.

The Tournament Directors’ interpretation of the proceeding rules and regulations shall be final. The Tournament Director reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.