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Frequently Asked Questions


What times and days will my childs House team play?


What are the differences between the leagues - House, Travel and All Star, and when do their seasons begin and end?

What age group is my child in?
House Program
Travel Program
All Star Program

Player Parent Conduct Agreement - ISC requires its players and parents to agree to abide by this Code of Conduct. All players and parents/guardians must sign this document in order to participate.

I want to contact the ISC Travel coaches. Where can I find them?

Questions about using this website?

McAvoy Park Information - To provide us with the best playing surface, synthetic turf has been installed. Click here to see regulations that MUST be adhered to when using this facility.

What do I do if my child suffers an injury while playing with ISC? - A report should be completed for every injury and kept on file for future reference should an insurance claim be submitted. Call the ISC Hotline: 342-6557 to report an injury within 48 hours of injury, and fill out and mail this form to: ISC, P.O. Box 67481, Rochester, NY 14617


Regarding Insurance Claims - All claims are handled through NYSWYSA (New York State West Youth Soccer Association) We are under their umbrella and insured through them. Below is the link to NYSW web site where you will find the forms. Each claim is handled individually based on the information provided. Any insurance questions should be addressed to NYSW. http://www.nyswysa.org/forms/index_E.html