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Information for Travel League Managers:

RDYSL Rules & Regulations

RDYSL Manager's Manual
RDYSL Zero Tolerance Policy RDYSL Player Registration Fees and Procedure
RDYSL Game Days RDYSL Field Directions
Entering rosters into RDYSL  


RDYSL Game Changes:
  • Communicate with the opposing coaches regarding game conflicts and get potential new date & time options.
  • Game change requests & confirmations should be emailed to Amy Brauch, Scheduling Coodinator, .
  • Please remember that we have multiple teams & games to schedule, so try to make sure that give us all the information that we need.  It just makes things much easier to accomplish.
  • When asking for a date change, please give me the game number/ gender and age group/ division / and original game date.
  • It would be a benefit to us if you give us a few dates that work for you, with your first choice, 2nd choice etc.
  • If you don't hear back from us in reasonable amount of time, touch base.  There is a lot going on and some things can get lost.  Don't assume that we got the message.

US Soccer Player Development Initiatives (starting 2016/2017 season)- Small Sided Standards & Birth Year Registration- Frequently Asked Questions

Information for ISC website & your team page:

Click here for instructions to communicate to your team, post messages, documents, pictures, results* and events to your team's page.

Managers/Coaches Web Manual (League Athletics website)





This form must be completed by each player and turned into the team's coach or manager at the start of each season; the coach/manager will have available at every practice & practice.
Form required for all players designated secondary on ISC travel teams. Complete and submit to your RDYSL contact when you have your passes & rosters certified. Collect $6 from player and submit to ISC treasurer or registrar when you have the form signed by ISC registrar.

All travel teams are allowed one in-state tournament up to $500, in addition to ISC Tournament.

Tournament Procedure:

  • Apply for the desired tournament online.
  • ISC tournament paymentsClick on this link to input information about the tournament.  You will be taken to the registration where you will need to log in and choose yourself to continue on with the outside tournament payment process.
  • Once the payment has been made you will receive an email confirmation that payment has been sent.
  • Requests for payment will only be accepted by ROSTERED team staff members.